Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mission Statement

Hollywood Chic is knowledgeable as to the exertion of marketing product for a reflection in sustainable profitability. Let us wipe away some blood, sweat, and tears by assisting in your marketing methodology. We provide fair and balanced professionally detailed product reviews through proper utilization of twenty-first century new media, spotlighting your company and the lavishly unique products you sell. As a newly launched site, on May 2010, we are respectful of our emergent audience and only review the very best; from luxury to frugality. It is our guarantee that our reviews shall not, in any way, hinder you and your products; our primary objective to increase the traffic to your business by highlighting you at your very best.

Hollywood Chic provides an attentive review for each product tested, our reviews maintain strict professionalism and reflect well upon your company/small business. We take great pride in our ability to work closely with the very best companies the Internet has to offer; large and small. Once we receive the anticipated and agreed upon product for our reviewing, we will delightfully send a personal email allowing you to know the product had been received and strongly encourage ‘signature on delivery’ package option as another means of awareness towards delivery.

All products will be tested for 14 days, unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. We ask that if you change your mind about this timing, please give us finalized notice when you pick up our response that the package has been received. Giving to your company paramount consideration, we are willing to go the extra mile for full satisfaction. Your product will be tested each day of the trial period, meeting our promise; on each day handwritten reviews will be charted during our normal wear test. Those handwritten notations will be used to silhouette our review prior to publishing. We are most willing to do this to offer you the preeminent experience with us. You will received a typed copy of our analysis as well as a link to the posted product review, all reviews will be posted on our blog no later than 5 business days following our 14 day testing period -- for quality we ask for your patience.

Writing is a passionate fervor that comes quite naturally, normally our reviews contain an approximate 500-750 words; our minimum guarantee 500. In a zenith of twenty-first century new media we have conclusive research showing that today’s ‘on the go’ audience proliferates stronger comprehension with short concrete articles; boosting the chances of driving more traffic to your website and inspiring the motivation of sharing the product review with those that they know personally, professionally, and through social media. To each review we apply strong keywords within the article for appropriate SEO acceleration on a variety of today’s preferred search engine. We work closely with Google for the best optimization for this and hold a great interest in boosting our already cunning SEO knowledge.  Both company and products will be spotlighted through Twitter and Facebook with apposite tagging, so to achieve sharing of our review on these two innovative social media platforms. Lastly, at no incurred risk we allow our readers to share their interests about your products straight from our page by means of various new media platforms -- this sharing enables better marketing for your company and products as all links are returned to our website.

Hollywood Chic requires that a product be submitted for reviewing; this product shall be free of charge and without acquire shipping costs. We also accept international products, making every effort to assist all companies/small businesses; near and far. We treasure your time and strive to make this experience as easy as possible each step of the way, with our acquired knowledge of marketing we appreciate the hectic long hours it takes to determine establishment and future sustainability. Initially we will delve into the acceptance of a Holly Chic professional review, we then will inquire about any specifications you as an owner may have (listed below). Respecting trademarks and copyrights we ask for 3 or more photos to be sent to represent your product as well as the traditional logo for your company, these can be placed in a zip file and emailed to us. Please be aware that we made take our own photos for a more personal look. You may wish to place the item on sale for which we will provide pricing for both, provide review coupon codes, or exclusive ‘as seen on the website’ offers; these will need to be detailed prior to the review.
Product giveaways are plentiful to increasing traffic to your website and create an abundant array of positive attention to your products. These giveaways are optional and solely your choice, as the product owner. We would enjoy your consideration on this subject as our giveaways are a true benefit to your products. Firsthand, we have witnessed as to how giveaways work flawlessly to meet marketing goals; companies that offer such excel in various ways with the customer that traditional marketing cannot yield. Quickly giveaways go far beyond the custom review to become the talk of the digital community.

Hollywood Chic manages all product giveaways with rigorous restrictions and we ask of our audience simple things they can do for the company prior to entering; such as following your company via Twitter or Facebook and reviewing the website to find a single “wish list item”. Statistics show that product lovers will return to purchase these items we ask them to uncover on the company website for their mandatory entry. We also ask our audience and all participating to use Twitter properly and tweet a template message containing a link to the giveaway, these tweets will always contain the Twitter account identification that was supplied by you through an email prior to the giveaway, for a larger audience whereas on Facebook we ask them to get creative in their postings. Each of the prior detailed items will earn them additional entries to win, the winner will be selected at random by Random.Org generation; they will have 72 hours to come forward and if they do not a second winner is named; if the second winner is also absent the contest is either forfeited in an entirety or the item is mailed to Hollywood Chic and donated to charity -- with proof being given at the time of donation, at your choice.

Once the winner steps forward they will be directed to your site and in an email I will provide the details and contact information for this winner. I do not handle any of the contest items.

 A typical giveaway consists of our published product review, detailed description of what is being offered made from specifications of your website, the cost to purchase, and the steps as to how to win the item; with specifics and rules noted.

Note: Each product review will contain direct links to your company and also links directly to the product, we ask you to supply this in the initial email.

Note: Hollywood Chic is open to any affiliate projects you may wish to carry out, please contact me for such. Affiliate projects are separate to product reviews and giveaways

Email: hollywood.geek.chic(at)
Business Phone: (424) 253-5006

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